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We write to glorify God, and the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

 ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’  Matthew 10:8 (NKJV)

Home of Free Downloads for Christian Short Stories and Books.  Also Free Downloads for seventy-one Topical Bible Studies.


Christian Writers Bill and Maureen Williamson

Christian Writers Bill and Maureen Williamson

Writers  Maureen and Bill Williamson write to glorify God and to bring attention to what Jesus Christ did on the cross in providing forgiveness of sin, and opportunity for eternal life for all who accept Him and give their lives over to Him.

This website contains four of their Free Christian Books, 35 Free Christian Short Stories, and 71 Free Topical Bible Studies.

Free Downloads

You have access to all these through Free Download.  Review our pages today and begin downloading our Free material right away.  Simply select a Christian Short Story, Book, or our Topical Bible Studies, and click on the title and the PDF file will appear on the screen.

Christian Short Stories New York City On A Leash

New York City streets are full of stories

The PDF file will give you the opportunity to download or save to a file on your computer or device.

Short Stories

Stories are abundant on the streets of New York City.

Maureen writes in one Christian Short Story titled, ‘New York City on A Leash,’ about a series of encounters she experienced on those very streets.

It is a great read showing just how people respond to frank questions about Jesus Christ.

Look at all our collection on the Christian Short Stories page.

Word of God, Bible.

The ultimate in reading,
the Word of God,
the Bible.


Topical Bible Studies

Our bible studies were developed by Bill for actual use in their own home Bible Studies.  They provide 71 Topics to choose from, such as; Forgiveness, Tongues, Born Again, Repentance, Loveand Jesus Preaches In Hell.  Look through these and the many other topics in PDF for Free Downloads on the Topical Bible Studies page.


Free King James Bible

Use a quality, and accurate translation of the Bible for your reading and studying.  Two we feel meet those requirements are the, ‘King James Version’ and the, ‘New King James Version.’

We provide a Free PDF Download for the ‘Authorized Version 1611 ~ King James Version, and can be downloaded simply by clicking on the title below.

Free PDF Download ~ Click on Title:  King James Version Bible

Christian Books

Christian Books Friendly Takeover

Marriage can be like a Corporate Merger


Books of a Christian nature that are written by Bill and Maureen are found on the Christian Books page.  

The chapter illustration to the left comes from their combined writing effort in ‘Authentic Love’, chapter 12, ‘Friendly Takeover.’  Learn how Bill and Maureen come together as one in marriage in the country of Israel.

A Trilogy of Love, includes two books by Maureen and a third by both Bill and Maureen; 

Audacity To Love, Assignment Love, and Authentic Love.’

New Book

A New Book written by Bill Williamson, Chowk Bazaar ~ Stand at the Crossroads’, is available for Read and Free Download on the Christian Books page as well.



Enjoy reading, or download, our Christian Books or Short Stories, or use our Topical Bible Studies, and then comment on the ‘Comment’ area below.  You can also Send A Letter to our mailing address on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Or email us at: billmaureen@books-4him-free.com.

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  1. ChristReigns Post author

    A new Christian Short Story!

    ‘I Didn’t Say Goodbye’
    (Gary Dale 1943-1958)

    By Bill Williamson

    Read about the adventures of three brothers growing up, and how circumstances and death takes one of them away. See also how healing comes to one of the brothers 25 years later.

    Look for the story on the Christian Short Stories page to read and download for free.

  2. ChristReigns Post author


    A miracle for a church congregation along their journey following Jesus Christ. Read how their prayer for a place to meet is granted with a ‘Free’ 1.25 million dollar property.

    Read, or Free Downoad, on the Christian Short Stories page of this website.

  3. ChristReigns Post author

    ‘Estacada By The River’
    A new Christian Short Story by Bill Williamson has been added to the list of short stories on the Christian Short Stories page of this site.

    Read what a man does when he is experiencing too much alcohol, too much motorcycle, and needs to find a way to get off the highway of life he has chosen.

  4. ChristReigns Post author

    ‘Machine Guns and Cockroaches’

    A new Christian Short Story written by Bill Williamson is available on the Christian Short Story page of this website.

    Read the events of a stop on a dark Mexican highway by the Federales. Read about another battle that takes place in a shower stall with many casualties.

  5. ChristReigns Post author

    ‘The Chair’

    Another new Christian Short Story by Bill Williamson is available to Read or Download Free on the Christian Short Stories page of this website.

    Read how a chair makes a difference in love and life of this couple.

  6. Bill Williamson

    Two New Short Stories on Christian Short Stories page

    ‘Daniel’s Perspective’
    Read about Maureen’s encounter with a ‘wanderer’ on the streets of Payson, Arizona. See how his perception of Maureen changes, and how our perceptions can get in the way.

    ‘God Comp’
    Read this Christian Short Story and see how God rewards obedience. Also see how God’s compensation for loss and injury easily out performs a state’s Worker Compensation in this case.

  7. ChristReigns Post author

    A New Christian Short Story

    ‘God Comp’

    This new Short Story is now on our Christian Short Stories page for your
    Reading, or Downloading.

    The story tells how a man’s obedience to God leads to a reward of God’s Compensation that totally outweighs a state’s Worker’s Compensation.

  8. Bill Williamson

    We received the following letter excerpt regarding our Book, ‘Authentic Love,’ and have posted it here with her permission.

    “It was different than any book I have ever read, certainly I was in awe about your faith and complete dependence on God to guide you. It made me see how little faith I actually have, and it was a great encouragement to me.”


  9. ChristReigns Post author

    A change has been made to our Topical Bible Study,

    ‘Jesus Preaches In Hell’

    The ‘Conclusion’ statement at the end of the study has changed to reflect other views exist, but, Bill Williamson, writer of our bible studies, holds to the Word of God content contained in the study.

    Look for it on our Bible Studies page.

  10. ChristReigns Post author

    The last of our Bible Study backlog has been completed and added to the Free Topical Bible Studies page of this site.


    Check it out, it is Free Download, like all of the written material on our websites.

    Are you part of a Bible Study group? If not, join one soon, or start your own at your church, or in your home. Start by downloading these bible studies, praying, and inviting your neighbors, or church friends. Read the scripture verses and discuss with everyone’s input. Sound easy? It is….

  11. ChristReigns Post author

    New Bible Studies have been added to the Free Topical Bible Studies page.

    ‘When Did Jesus Come On The Scene?’
    ‘Persecution and Suffering’
    ‘Do Not Fear’

    Click the Title found on the list to Read or Download Free.

    Post a comment here to let us know what you think.

  12. ChristReigns Post author

    A new Free Download has been added to our website.

    The ‘Authorized Version 1611′ of the King James Bible is now available for Free Download on several of our website pages.

    We should read the Bible, but it is essential that we choose a quality and accurate translation, one that is translated directly from the original Hebrew and Greek. Two that meet these requirements are the, King James Version, (KJV), and the, New King James Version, (NKJV).

    Look for the download opportunity on our Home, Christian Books, and Topical Bible Studies pages.

  13. Bill Williamson

    Thank you, to two guest artist, Kayla Atay, and Kara Atay, for the three new illustrations.

    They can be seen on the following Christian Short Stories:
    Cardie….. Created and drawn by Kayla Atay
    Pickle Juice and Ants….. Created and drawn by Kayla Atay

    Wenonah…..Created and drawn by Kara Atay

    Go to the Free Christian Short Story page to have a look at the illustrations. And download and read the stories if you have not already.

  14. ChristReigns Post author

    ‘Chowk Bazaar ~ Stand at the Crossroads’
    The Book, is now available on this website. See the ‘Free Christian Books’ page to read, or for Free Download.

    Check it out now, and let us know what you think.

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